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We give you one of the first tips for travelling to Meknes, Fez and Casablanca. If you arrive in Morocco late at night, as we did, we advise you to rent a transfer service with the hotel. As a general rule, they do not have much higher prices than airport taxis and you will avoid haggling at these times of the night.

The train in Morocco is a safe, regular and on time means of transport that serves many cities in the kingdom. If you have a trip of several hours, for the difference in price, first class is very good for travelling in peace and quiet and rest.

To go from Meknes to Volubilis, you have several possibilities:

Take a large “private” taxi for 350 dirhams which normally includes a visit to Moulay Idris, a neighbouring village of Volubilis, a one-hour visit, a visit to Volubilis, a 2-hour site visit and a return to Meknes.

To travel safely in Morocco, we advise you to travel with a Morocco private tour company. A private driver and guide will take care of you from your arrival in Morocco until your departure.

And then we have another way a little more difficult but less expensive: take a Grand Taxi (white cars a little longer than small taxis, but without identification) in front of the French Institute of Meknes in the Vile Nouvelle for 10 dirhams per person, which takes you to Moulay Idris and from there make the change to another Grand Taxi that takes you to Volubilis for 5 dirhams more per person.

Total MAD60 versus MAD350 for the first option. Enough difference to consider the option to choose. Although it should be kept in mind that in the second option we will have to put 6 people in the car (a car like this one) with what it means.

To get from Fez to the airport we have several options, the first and easiest way is to take a large taxi for 120 dirhams (small taxis do not arrive at the airport) and the second is to go to the station in a small taxi for about 30 dirhams (if you do not want to put the meter on) and there take bus number 16 which for 20 dirhams per person leaves directly to the airport in about 45 minutes.

If you have too many dirhams, think that at the airport you can only change currency before passing through the doors and that inside, in the shops, you can only pay in euros, so don’t wait to change them. The only place where they accept dirhams is the cafeteria at the boarding gates).

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