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For many travelers the Moroccan city of Marrakech is a mysterious destination brimming with exotic intensity and traditions, thinking of Marrakech quickly comes to mind images, such as the steam of the dishes of tajine in the lively nights of the square jeema el fna, the teahouses where to smoke a pipe of shisha and drink Moroccan tea with orbabuena and those labyrinthine souks filled with bazaars full of cachibaches. But Marrakech is more than all these clich├ęs and there is much to discover in this millenarian city of North Africa.

Now thanks to the Low Cost airlines operating in Morocco, it is becoming easier and cheaper to change airs and live a totally different experience, plus Marrakech is less than two hours flight from any Spanish city…

In this post we will see 5 brief reasons to visit Marrakech, detailing all the wonders that made this city an important center in the Islamic world for its politics and culture between the 12th and 16th centuries leaving a record of them in the many places we can visit in the city of Marrakech: mosques, madrassas, ancient palaces, souks, markets, museums, palm groves, gardens, and so on.

1 – Discover an authentic Moroccan accommodation in a Riad inside the medina

If you are looking for a Moroccan experience with all the charm of the country you are travelling to, there is no better place to stay in Marrakech than in a traditional riad in the heart of the old medina. Riads are traditional constructions, with an interior garden or courtyard. Most are restored and have been converted into hotels with a very high level of service and quality. If you stay in a riad you are already catching some of the country’s culture.

2 – Visit the old palace of Bahia

Discover this beautiful Andalusian palace of the late nineteenth century that currently houses the Museum of Marrakech, is one of the most important architectural works of the city. The palace was built by the great vizier of Sultan Mulay Mehdi Hassan. This palace apparently contains an almost infinite amount of artistic adornments. Since the palace is empty and there are no explanatory posters in Spanish, to enjoy the visit and know what each room is, we recommend hiring a tour guide.

3 – Taste Moroccan gastronomy in Jemaa el fna square

At night, the large square of Jemaa el-Fnaa is transformed into a large bubbling pot full of stalls. Around it, the intoxicating aromas and flavours are mixed and we are blown away in the form of hot air, while exotic dishes and experimental foods are the protagonists. It is here that gourmets and gourmands gravitate en masse, all eager to taste the renowned gastronomy that has made Marrakech one of the most valued tasting destinations throughout North Africa.

4 – Take advantage of your trip to Marrakech to know the desert

There are a lot of routes and options to visit the desert that are possible thanks to the unique geographical location of Marrakech. If you are in Marrakech and have time you can not miss the experience of knowing the Sahara Desert. If you have more days you can venture to the dunes of Merzouga, if on the contrary you go very fair you can take advantage to know the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou and Ouarzazate with its film studio.


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